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INTAD Resources for  PTC's Pro/DESKTOP  01 May 2006
This is a list of training resources for Pro/DESKTOP considered relevant by INTAD. There is no guarantee that these files are error free.  
INTAD & PTC are rolling out the Pro/DESKTOP software Australia wide. ProDv8
If your area can organise between 8 or more teachers for a 12 hour seminar along with the necessary computers & a data projector, send a contact e-mail to Nev O'Brien. A trainer will be in contact with you ASAP. Some training dates are here. In 2006, there will be training fees for members & non-members to help defray costs.
ProD Basics files are from Bob Kennedy. See Workbook Cover file for e-mail address. (Thanks Bob)
The files, below, are FREE for all places of education to use. Except as shown, files current Jan, 2006.
Download the zipped MS Word file INTAD Pro/DESKTOP 2001 Training Handbook (expands to about 67M/about 104 pages) or the 2000i2 zipped Adobe pdf file below. Either WinZip or FilZip is required to expand the zipped files. To read/print the pdf file requires Adobe Reader software installed. The Word file format gives a reasonable print quality. 

See a Movie Tutorial file showing Shell & Album features. These are in addition to the Training Handbook (Jan 1, 2003)

There are several zipped Microsoft Video format Movie (AVI) files (sizes between 500K to 1.2M) showing movement in Pro/DESKTOP. Some Pro/DESKTOP 2000i files are also available. 
A small Gallery of teacher/student projects & several Links to other Pro/DESKTOP sites are shown below.

To download, Right Mouse Click & select Save Target As ...

Pro/DESKTOP Training Materials:
 ProD Basics   Configurations & Animations (28/04)  
2000i2 INTAD ProDESKTOP Training Handbook pdf   7M  Added by request.   INTAD ProDESKTOP 2001 Training Handbook zip 12M     All known corrections completed; Book 1 for Basic & Intermediate users. MS Word format. (Updated - June 16)
 Toy Box using Dovetails - aimed at workshop students who use ProD but are more involved in design & production. To this extent the use of workplanes has been reduced to the Base workplane only. (Apr 28, 2004) Dovetail Animation - uses the same basic files as the Toy Box - shows what can be done to give non-woodwork students an idea of different joints. (Apr 28, 2004)

Dimensioning Engineering Drawing (Jun, 05)
Drawing Production: Reorient 3D views to produce third angle vews (May,04) Text on Curved Surfaces (Sep,04)
Mark Sellin Tutorials (Dec,05)


Other ProD Tutorials (Jun,05)


Pro/DESKTOP Design files:
Moulds Pro/D files   Decal Pro/D Files   
Spanner Pro/D Files  Pool Pro/D files   
Shaped Pool Pro/D files   Joining & Rotation Pro/D files


Pro/DESKTOP Motion Movie Files:

CamStudioused to capture motion

 Pro/DESKTOP Movie Tutorial Files

Use the Movie Player as the replay speed can be adjusted.

Movie Player  (exe file) Shell & Album  (zipped movie file) 
Mechanism 1 avi Mechanism 2 avi
Mechanism 3 avi Mechanism 4 avi
Oscillator avi   Valve avi
Engine avi  

Box with Lid  (zipped self-playing tutorial) 4M


Gallery of Griffith Uni Students' Work  

Gallery of Teachers' Work  


For additional resources/tutorials/news visit:   INTAD is NOT responsible for material on other internet sites.
PTC Training Materials Brian Richardson ProD version 8  
INTAD Sunshine Coast ties magazine
Jim Rowley ProD Resources

Dubbo College

 Pro/DESKTOP web site file: provided only as a GUIDE to Pro/DESKTOP possibilities. Please, read each web site's copyright notice before assuming the work can be used in schools. Pro/DESKTOP Resources



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