Pro/DESKTOP  Movie Tutorials        (All zipped)
INTAD Box Worksheet 3 using Design Rules Animation Advanced (1M)
Pro/D file for above Box with Hinged Lid 2 (4.5M)
INTAD Flat Pack Stool  Engine (1.2M)
INTAD Tape Dispenser Interference Checking (2.8M)
INTAD Add Text Outline Basic ((new Sep 29) Linkage1 (1.8M)
INTAD Funnel (new Sep 29) Ring Pattern (8.3M)

INTAD Add Text Outline to a Curved Surface
Advanced       (new Sep 30)

Spline Pattern (11.4M)
INTAD Rotation (new Oct 12) Fan Movie (Rotational Animation) (new Oct 12)
ProD Menus (new Oct 12) Toy Bulldozer (David Owens) (new Jun 05)
GU Students' Units of Work Engineering Booklets (Roger Clark) (Oct 22)
Personalised Numberplates- Vacuum Forming Vicki Savage 3 Legged Wheelpuller
Curriculum Development Lehmann_Langford Cantilever Toolbox
Heath White and Troy Wilson Hammer Project
Hydroponic Vegetable Garden Nut and Bolt
Industrial Systems and Control Andrew Kennedy Oil Filter Remover
One year program Screwdriver
RTaylor Design and Technology Yr 9 Program Tap Wrench
Tim Williams Unit Plan for Mouse Trap Turning exercise 1
Tourism Project Ed Benn Turning exercise 2

INTAD History

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